View Full Version : Nodal motion?: genericzing a network?-- using "SELF" in nodal motion: nodal parenting

05-10-2014, 03:01 PM
I'd like to nodally associate a CLONE with an object's points, such that the CLONE follows the points of the object, but doesn't rotate or scale with the object.

There are seven clones, and the object has seven points.

Using NODE ITEM MOTION in the Motion Panel-Motion Modifer pane, I figured I'd use the EXTENDED ITEM INFO to get the clone index, feed it into POINT INFO, use the point wPos output to feed into the object's Position input in the final MOTION node. But then I realized that I'd need to tweek the location, so I figured if I could SUM the point info with the object's keyframe info, I could both ASSOCIATE the target point and the keyframing data, giving me tweek capability.

I'd PREFER to copy/paste this item into the other six clones, but it appears that there's no SELF option in Extended Item Info.

Does this mean that I have to manually set each copy of Extended Item Info to the appropriate cloned object? That would be disappointing.


05-10-2014, 03:09 PM
Also, how does one force autoupdating on items controlled by NODE ITEM MOTION, so that when you keyframe things you don't have to "jog" the timeline to get it to display the effect? I know there's something one adds to make this happen.... THANKS!