View Full Version : Labeling SPLINES? any type of demarcation for splines? Improving spline usage

05-09-2014, 12:08 PM
So, you CAN "Surface" a Spline/Curve, so that's one way of LABELING Splines. Any other (better?) ways? (And what are those mysterious TAG entries in the LWO spec???)

What I'm thinking here is: a lot of the shortcomings of spline usage in LWM is that they are destroyed in the use of a Tool (lame!) or they are simply unconnected/unrelated in anyway to the operation and hence, practically irretrievable.

But what if a user could EASILY, CONVENIENTLY (that word again!), label and retrieve Splines? That would help a bit, no?

So I'm thinking, how about a script that labels Splines (in this case, just give it a Surface), copies them to a safe Layer (I use layer10), and then pops back to the previous foreground/background situation? Then, a companion script that gives the user a list of spline Surfaces, and picking one copies it to the current (lowest) foreground layer?

05-09-2014, 09:55 PM
Like with all polygon types you can mark them in 3 ways: Surface, Part or Sketch Colour.

To change a surface on a selected polygon: Change Surface
To change a part on a selected polygon: Detail>Part>Create Part
To change colour on a selected polygon: Detail>Polygons>Sketch Color

The Sketch colour is useful as it is a visible difference in the Color Wireframe view mode.

05-10-2014, 01:41 AM
Thanks Dodgy. Sketch colour though is limited to like what? 13 different colours?

PART probably makes a lot of sense....