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04-28-2014, 02:36 PM
I need some input:

Right now I have a 1TB server with a storage array in a RAID 5 and another 4TB server in a RAID 5 which is mirrored onto another array. Both of these servers hold 99.9% off my work's stock content and finished projects. I'm looking into upgrading to a 16 TB server that is set-up in a RAID 5 and is also mirrored for redundancy.

The reason for such a large server and redundancy is to support 10 Macs that are used by nearly 120 students for video editing. I'm not looking at them using the server as a scratch disk, I do not want that nightmare, but with moving to HD video I figured I needed a larger set-up to keep my work's goal of holding student content for up to three years. We use nearly a full terabyte a year for finished projects, daily show recordings, and events and I figured that in HD the needed space would quadruple. My size calculations are going off of ProRez(HQ).

Questions: Does anyone here even get close to this level of data usage? Do you use a centralized server for stock content and finished projects like I do? How is your storage array set-up and how much did it cost? What is the max life you plan to get out of your system?

Any input is welcomed.