View Full Version : Best OpenGL card for Lightwave?

11-21-2003, 01:37 PM
Okay, my dual Athlon 1600 MPs just aren't cutting it anymore. I'm thinking about going the Opteron route. In the process, I also want to upgrade my video card. (Currently I have an Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti, with 128M VRAM.)

What's the best card for these options? I want great OpenGL speed, but I also want stability, so I prefer a rock-solid OpenGL implementation. One problem with my Nvidia right now is that whenever Lightwave crashes, I can't restart modeler or any other multi-viewport OpenGL app -- Forcing me to reboot. Blargh!

I've been looking at the FireGL cards, but I'm not sure what 3dLab's stuff is like now that ATI owns them.

So what's everybody here use and is happy with?

11-21-2003, 02:31 PM
liek you i'm considering a dual opteron system and tehc ard i'm looking at at the moment is the quadro4 980xgl seems a nice card adn i think the nvidia cards are best with lw at the moment

at least i had heard the firegl cards are pretty rough on lightwave and while i was thinking of the wildcat vp pro 880 one visit to the sites forums put me off i know that at a hardware site forum msot of the posts would eb complaints but there were just to many for my liking

if i'm wrong someone tell me soon as i'm thinking of ordering in pretty short order