View Full Version : TCXD 860/8000 LiveSet Disallows Holding Zoom Preset Thumbnails

04-22-2014, 09:58 PM
Currently clicking on the effect icon in an M/E (in Effect mode) unveils zoom position presets thumbnails icons in a 2x4 preset bin. The problem is that the select-click on any preset closes all the thumbnails icons all together.

It would be helpful to have all the thumbnails icons in a 2x4 preset bin still open, even after click-select on any of the thumbnail. The exemplary uses are sequential clicking on the thumbnail presets. I believe it was possible in previous updates.

I propose a double-click to keep all presets open regardless of clicking on any thumbnail. Then by clicking on the effect icon again would close the thumbnails icons and removing the 2x4 preset bin, as it is implemented now. A combined use of a keyboard and click could be used as well, for example: CTRL-click, ALT-click, or similar combination would do the job.