View Full Version : TCXD 860/8000 Dashboard Rotary-Knob Similar to Instrument Panel Dimmers in Cars

04-22-2014, 09:09 PM
Like a dashboard instrument panel dimmer in cars -- I would love to be able gradually brightening/darkening this beautiful onyx interface. In a dark this interface is gorgeous and functional, but in bright control-rooms or in open fields it is hard to read and navigate. Be able to tweak the interface's intensity would be helpful. Like in cars, where drivers can intensify/de-intensify the dashboards' interface changing brightness in relation to surroundings to improve comfort and readability -- I see this well accepted functional implementation very useful also in our production environments.

An exemplary implementation would be a rotary-knob deployed on the top of the Dashboard, for example on the left side of the Switcher Mem display part. Rotating the knob would make the interface's onyx background becoming brighter, at the same time gradually changing the typeface color from white towards dark, to black, to popup the letters to improve readability.

In bright even sunny surroundings, which happens in productions tents -- this feature would be very helpful. Working on locations in open is frequent to guys doing sports.

I hope you can add this in an upcoming future update; Thanks!


04-22-2014, 09:28 PM
Double-click would reset the rotary-knob to the default onyx look.