View Full Version : New tricaster 8000 user - I BROKE IT ALREADY - requests, and first impressions.

04-21-2014, 08:16 PM
I TRY not to void warranties, but this device leaves me wanting to seriously void the warranty to hack in bandwidth, and features.

Shortly before NABShow 2014, I bought a Tricaster 8000. I now have 3 shows under my belt with it, and I have already BROKEN the Tricaster in several ways. Here are my requests:


1. More robust disk bays. Operating in a dark production environment, both myself and another engineer have already broken off the disk release tabs on 2 of the 4 bays. Now getting disks out is a complete PAIN! How about something made of METAL that does not have a LOCK, and won;t bend or break off under minor finger forces.

2. Control surface needs a USB hub in the back of it.

3. It would be super nice if a razor thin keyboard and track pad like Apple's keyboards would slide out of the front edge of the CS.

4. We already yanked the plastic bezel out of the ethernet port. I put it back, and now am rack mounting and remoting ALL ports to XLR panels, and neutrik ethercon, USB, Powercon, etc...

5, This thing needs at LEAST 2 gigabit ethernet ports, or maybe a few SFP slots that can be fiber or optical. Would 10 gigabit be too much to ask these days?

6. Please!! Oh GOD PLEASE, give me at least an 8-lane PCIE slot just for a fibre channel interface, or build at least 2 preferably 4 SFP slots for SAN!!!

Wrangling all this data out of the box for post production is just plain BRUTAL.


1. I'd like to see the multi-viewer and control displays as viable output choices in the output configuration menus. I am faking this now by directing them to my router.

2. Some sort of pop-up router grid/selector control panel would be nice... Also integration into using 3rd party ethernet enabled router control panels to control whatever router is connected (As possible)

3. AUDIO / AVB network protocol implementations!!!!!! I sure would like Klark/Teknik AES50, and Dante connectivity over ethernet to allow routing audio directly from other sound desks, like my Midas M3, Behringer X32, or Yamaha digital consoles. This is where the above extra ethernet interface cards would REALLY come in handy!!!!

4. Totally customizable multi-viewer or a multi-viewer editor, and the ability to display multiple viewers at once on different outputs.

5. More stream input options, besides iVGA. WOuld like the ability to view MP4 streams, or basically any stream I can view or create with ffmpeg.

6. Better iVGA suppoirt for Macintosh, iVGAPro for Macintosh!!!


1. More than 2 network inputs!!!!!! In fact, the SDI/Analog/Audio inputs if they were in some sort of expansion slot, I would like the flexibility to sacrifice an SDI/Analog/Audio input slot for a 10 gig ethernet board, and the available bandwidth to stream several more inputs.

2. Consider making the Tricaster 9000, or whatever the next gen is, an outboard box again using thunderbolt for host connectivity, and run the control system on user's choice of PC, or mac pro. I am already running my tricaster out of memory with re-entrant ME's and the CPU's are bogging down as well. Sometimes I freeze the whole UI in a really busy production.

3. Consider partnering with Blackmagic design and using 6GHDSDI, and 12GHDSDI UltraHD, and using the Tricaster platform as a control, and abstraction layer to their hardware for customers who want to use Tricaster FX, but also want a 4K signal chain. I already have customers asking for Tricaster capabilities in a 4K workflow. it seems we're so close yet so far away!