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11-20-2003, 06:41 PM
I have an architecture model that is about 150,000 polys that I want to try to animate. I'm thinking about trying to do some surface baking on it and was wondering if someone had any tips for baking a arch model.... like maybe a way to figure out how big to make maps so that there is less blurriness if it is so big, etc . . .

i've baked before but the outcome doesn't look nearly as good as a non-baked rad render . . .

any help would be greatly appreciated . . .


11-21-2003, 10:08 AM
Texture size is the heavy price of baking. If you want a better baker thats quick with radiosity etc and doesn't crash try Microwave for Evasion.com. In addition to baking it aids in producing low poly version of your model with all the detail of the high poly model baked in. Superb bit of kit...

note;- I'm just a happy customer, no commercial connection.

11-22-2003, 01:54 AM
Raz is 1000 % right about Microwave, I have just baked a full house AND its garden environment (all the trees, etc...), your goal is to bake only the Illumination, but it's time consumming, and you have to be on PC (coz you'll need HDRShop). there is a nice tut on newtek's tuts page called "baking illumination" by Emanuele Salvucci, nicely done, and I suppose it's good for a very simple stuff, but man, the house I baked was 1,5 M polys, so it was a hell, and I had to rebake so many times because of smoothing errors, overlapping polys and the likes... you see, that stupid LW baker does not take your smoothing options in account (the ones in surface panel), so in order to avoid smoothing where you dont want it, and to smooth the parts you want, you'll have to sweetly demolish and reconstruct your object... (kinda off) in other words, every poly attached to another makes it a smooth surface for LW baker... a hell I tell U, I was almost giving up, but when I looked at the already done maps, I continued....

Off course, now it's 5 minutes render/frame (it was 6 hours), but the work was toooo giant for the result..... and took soooo looonnng (3 weeks, baking all nights !!)

Raz, How does Microwave deals with the UV space and the smoothing options...? good ? could you post something baked with it ??


11-22-2003, 08:44 AM
i looked at microwave and am interested.... i would be curious to see a hi rez, hi poly example though with render times, etc. . . . it seems like it would be worth it, but i can't afford to make a leap of faith right now. Raz, i would also like to see something baked with microwave, along with system specs and render times, etc if possible. thanks.