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04-11-2014, 02:55 AM
It is incredible that a company like Livestream who do hardware as a sideline to help grow their primary business keep on bringing out some really cool gear.

The new Livestream control surface looks like it is from a different era to NewTek's offerings: http://new.livestream.com/studio/surface

They are also adding some very useful functionality to their other hardware too - such as integrating Zixi.

As a Newtek customer who has a sizeable investment in NewTek gear and has no Livestream gear whatsoever, I hope NewTek is paying attention. The LS Surface is what we should be expecting of Tricaster Control Surfaces - and the hd51 http://new.livestream.com/studio/hd51 is what we should expect of the Tricaster 40.

regards, Scott

Ben Freedman
04-14-2014, 10:14 PM
Here here!


04-15-2014, 07:44 AM
Here here!I think you mean "Hear, hear!" ;)

hope NewTek is paying attention.Oh, NewTek always pays attention. :)

In fairness, what we often observe is competitors playing catch-up. Over the years and right up until now, we have introduced new concepts at a blistering pace, almost too many to number, but certainly including integrated DDRs, integrated streaming, integrated audio mixing, integrated IsoCorder, integrated replay workflow, integrated social media, integrated virtual sets, unheard of numbers of M/Es for the $$, integrated PTZ support, integrated network inputs, Animation Stores, animated buffers, etc., etc. On the CS front, 8000CS also introduced some previously unseen innovation.

We can't be cocky, though, or rest on our laurels. There are lots of good minds working elsewhere, and we certainly don't expect that we are always going to be first with every worthwhile notion. But let's be honest. Undeniably, NewTek has proven itself as a consistent market leader, and has contributed innovations to this industry on a scale that has surprised many time and again. And we're far from done. We've just revealed massive free upgrades for both of our primary platforms. And I can confidently predict that it's going to be a particularly interesting year (and that this will also be true of next year). :)

Ben Freedman
04-15-2014, 07:55 AM
Hi Steve...

I think it frustrates some of us that you introduce new features that are of limit use to most while avoiding fixing bugs that reduce functionality or hamper production.


04-15-2014, 10:29 AM
I think it frustrates some of us that you introduce new features that are of limit use to most while avoiding fixing bugs that reduce functionality or hamper production.

BenWell certainly it would be counterproductive in many ways to deliberately frustrate our users. That must be obvious. That some new features may not have the same value for everyone is equally obvious and, of course, failing to balance that equation well would not be wise. So I hear that. That said, while I can think of a few features we've introduced that are perhaps a bit 'under-used' in the wild, this can hardly be said of the vast majority (as witness their frequent subsequent adoption by other developers, if nothing else). So, for example, social media support may not be important in some settings, but many find it extremely important. Even some of the less used features that have come along in years may well still prove to be important as building blocks for yet further innovation and integration.

As to bugs, and speaking specifically of real bugs (as opposed to either wishlist items or design decisions some occasionally describe as 'bugs'), actually we seldom fail to handle anything that poses a major problem in a matter of hours, lesser issues in only a slightly longer term. If anyone is aware of a major bug that has gone un-addressed for an inordinate period, send me a PM or email with details and I'll personally check up on it. But I fear we are in danger of hijacking this thread, so I'll leave off there.

04-17-2014, 11:44 AM
As an avid Tricaster user myself and a buyer of the 410 & owner of a 300, my biggest take away from NAB is the just how much Livestream has stepped up their game. Like - game changing equipment. I spent a significant amount of time at both booths this year and was not expecting to be as impressed with them as I was. I always though of them as some little CDN company.

What I found at the Tricaster booth was the 'staff' those actually working with Tricaster didn't know the message of the company. I have the impression that departments don't communicate well between each other. I went back to the Tricaster booth two different days and I received two different answers for my questions. And in the past I have called Tech-Support and the support I received was actually embarrassing (please teach your support staff that you have a/v pass through and how to use it).

What I really like about Tricaster is how reliable & proven they are. I just used it to broadcast multiple day events, 10hrs + each day and it did great. But I'm concerned that it's going to rely on it's past achievements. One question I kept asking was how do I import live Twitter feeds ( a must for live shows these days) and I was directed to use Live Text ( a program that Tricaster has all but abandoned), or use a Chryon, a 15k solution. Yet their competition is making this possible. And after seeing Livestreams CS., there is no way i'm investing in a CS that has a 80's feel & look to it.

On appearance, CS, GFX capabilities, PIP and value, LiveStream is making tremendous strides. I'm not jumping ship anytime soon but if Tricaster wants to stay relevant, they need to not just rest on the fact that we're #1, but continue to innovate it's products, and not just in the software.

Ben Freedman
04-17-2014, 11:50 AM
I'm in the exact same boat, TKF.... I love our Tricasters, but the Livestream Studio (and also vMix from Australia) are really coming on strong. It's not a price issue. Obviously, I don't mind spending the money, as I have purchased the Tricasters. It's more about features, integrations, and mostly, form factor. I love Livestreams portable models... We are doing more and more shows on the road, and a high-end pro 'backpackable' model from TC would be wonderful. Unfortunately, the TC Studio doesn't hold up.

To your other point... I was also at NAB, and went to both booths. I found the staff at the TC booth unresponsive, and generally disinterested, while the Livestream booth was full of excitement and people were falling over themselves to help and answer my questions...

This is not to bash NewTek... But perhaps the people who read this forum in mgmt would like to know our impressions...


04-17-2014, 12:25 PM
This is not to bash NewTek... But perhaps the people who read this forum in mgmt would like to know our impressions...I'll see to it that the people in the relevant depts. see this feedback. If not an isolated experience, or perhaps due to simply being overwhelmed, it certainly runs counter to my own experience in prior years.

I'm not surprised that TriCaster Studio, an SD model discontinued for some time, doesn't compare as favorably. That aside, I personally feel strongly that NewTek is quite far ahead of the competition by almost every meaningful measure (though that will never be true in every last detail), and I have good reasons for confidence that this lead will be sustained for the foreseeable future. By all means put that to the test (real world field production test, that is). :)