View Full Version : Who has oldest / best dual Xeon system? (doing some computer research)

04-07-2014, 11:08 AM
Iím still researching for a computer that works well with Lightwave, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, AE, Houdini and any other GPU and CPU intense applications. I have reviewed the 11.5 benchmark marble test thread and the CPU bench mark site. I know the single processor systems are probably the best bang for the buck. The i7-4930 being one of the best. However, I really like the benchmarks of the dual Xeonís, particularly the 2670ís and higher, but these systems are significantly higher priced. My question is directed towards those that own or utilize a dual Xeon system. I would like to know how long a dual Xeon system provides the necessary horsepower before its necessary to replace. I donít see the software above overstressing a dual Xeon system for 8-10 years, whereas I think the software could start overstressing a single processor in 3-4 years. While the single cpu system is less expensive, my hunch is they become obsolete more quickly.

So for those that have dual Xeon systems, who has the oldest that is still working well and fast with the current software releases? If you are happy with it, please share some of the specs.

Built by (self or company name):
Year built:
Any problems?

Thanks much