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03-05-2003, 02:32 AM
Lets see off the top of my head..

- The ability to create an instance of something (say a single spline) then do something to it (clone, lathe, whatever) then when I edit the initial instance they all change. I should be able to call out an instance to edit at any point in the creation of the model.

- audio beep when done a long command.

- To be able to select multiple points or 2-point (or 4+) polys and have them grow automatically (like magic bevel) but with user definable parameters (bend, twist, gravity, taper) but also to us an UV map on the surfaces. This would make poly hair, and stuff like that faster to set up.

- Export EPS remembers the last directory you used!!

- non-square UVs like in unwrap 2.

- the ability to mirror or apply multple moves to SubPatch weight editing (maybe I missed this, but I can only adjust one point at a time)

- The option that when you have a tool selected the tabs change to the page that tool is on!! How manytime I still find out that move is still on!! Maybe a user definable toggle sound for tools(i.e move on. move off). And what happened to the custom cursors (I mean I know they were huge before LW 6.0)

- A drop down history list so you can go directly to a point and not have to ctrl-u 20 times

- hold down mouse wheel to pan, and scroll to zoom in/out

- the old 'swing' mode in perspective view

- maybe the option to have the main menu on both sides of the screen

- why do you have to add the font to a list before you use it?

- real 640x480 show rendering in progress window, not 320x240 2X as large

- why does the scene editor have a max size?

- a ground plane to cast shadows (w/alphas) on with out having to create a plane

-presets for cameras (I know I can save an empty scene but this makes sense to me too)

- gradient backdrop presets

- load in an audio file with markers in it and have morph targets automatically set up (matching names i.e marker named "ee" to morph targer "ee")

- render an image to another PSD format where you can tell the object to be on its own layer.

- import Affter effects motion tracking files and attach them to objects so they match movement from the cameras perspective. Just in X and Y, you can still bring them closer to the camera. Maybe the abillity to "chain" multiple motion tracking files to nulls. This would be a poor mans motion capture rig!!

- option to quick render current light shadows in openGL

- preview the radiosity thermograph like lightscape. Also the option to save the radiosity solution, or pick up where it left off. Or bake the solution to a vertex or UV map.

- Better (ie faster openGL) 3D- studio max is much faster in screen updating

- better multi-monitor support. save the window positions!!

- Option to get rid of the brush metal gradient look

- better color selection for statistic windows. Light grey on grey??

- open maximized option (and remember)

- remember Surface editor render preview settings. As well as other background options (like the corner of the room display so you can see refraction, and such) or at least a custom background image.

- a modifier key so then when you use the < > buttons on the surface editor the value goes up in set increments of 5

- the ability to drag and drop surface presets onto bjects and their surfaces (selected and not)

- windows docking and snapping

- save clip map settings with an object.

- a floating "favorite selections" panel. I could add bones I edit often, objects, polygon/pont selection sets in modeler. who knows. It would be just the stuff I select a lot.

03-05-2003, 11:18 AM
good improvements.

I love specifically:

:: ability to create instance.
:: Selective UNDO
:: import motion of AfterFX, will be great :D
:: better multi-monitor support
:: drag and drop preset surface

LW will be a fantastic 3D program if newtek listen us. How the price... :(

later and good luck to LW 8

03-05-2003, 03:49 PM
I think that if NT take all the stuff that people what here, they will have a Great program by the end of it, might be a bit pricy though! good ideas though,

Custom/non accurate cursur, make the curser non accurate to get a little pic when you are in move...

im sure there are some other things, yeah the menu can be on both sides, or was that 6?


03-05-2003, 03:55 PM
im sure there are some other things, yeah the menu can be on both sides, or was that 6?

I meant both sides at the same time..sorry

03-09-2003, 01:09 PM
Just going to add these ideas

- Ability to key frame the Limited Region Render box. A lot of time I render just a smalls square area to composite on to an all ready rendered background. But I need object I'm rendering to move.

- Allow a surface to blur a shadow. For when you use distance or point lights. If it can be done for a reflection it can be done for a shadow