View Full Version : DP Spline Deformer wants to disown my children

03-29-2014, 02:50 PM
I'm stuck with the DP Spline Deformer when it comes to taking the children for a ride along with the object the displacement is applied to.

I have a long cable and an object attached to one end, but both are in the same layer. So once I created the knots in the Spline Deformer, and I set it to Smoothed and Fixed Length, if I move Knot 1 the cable and the object will move along the spline, which is perfect for my purpose, the problem being that there are other objects in other layers that are not dragged along, even if they are children of the main object.

I tried the "Add Children" button in the Spline Deformer dialog, which gives me a message saying it will replace the current spline, but when I click OK it doesn't replace it, it just adds the children to the spline. At the same time, it seems to extend the length of the cable. However, even then the children don't move along. Of course if I select the main object and I move it, the children do move along with it, but in that case I also move the whole spline, so it's useless.

Is anybody is familiar with this plugin, is it possible to move children along with the object the plugin is applied to?