View Full Version : DP Kit Spline Deformer, can length of knot handles be adjusted after creation

03-29-2014, 12:21 PM
I read the whole section on DP Spline Deformer, a very useful tool, but I can't find this. Basically I have a long cable, about 100 meters, of which the first 20 have to have knots about 10 cm from each other, but the rest has to have only a few, like 3 or 4. If I create about 204 knots the problem and move the first 20 close to each other, the handles will be too big for the first 20 meters and too small for the rest, so when it deforms, it does it at a sharp angle. If I create only a few knots, the handles are perfect for most of the cable but they are too big for the part where I need sharper angles.

So far I haven't seen a way to adjust the length of the handles as you do in bezier curves, which would be great in this case because I could create 1000 knots, delete 796, keep the first 200 at their places and extend the other four to the rest of the cable. That's what I did so far, but when I move one of the handles that are spaced far from the rest, the cable morphs at a very sharp angle, and I can't have that.

Edit: nevermind, I found the way. Either Smoothing or scale the z axis for the knot.