View Full Version : Trailer plugin for the mac

03-27-2014, 03:00 PM
Dose anyone know of a plug in like Trailer that works with mac os 10.9 and lightwave 11.6.2.
I have never gotten Trailer to work on a mac just a PC.

Or what would be the best way to make a tube follow a path with out having to bone and hand animate it.

03-31-2014, 08:10 AM
2 ways spring to mind.

1. make a tube on the z axis, morph the tube moving down the z axis. add bones to the model. in Layout bend the bones so that they follow your path. animate the morph. (think you have to set the bones to complex now. but it still works after all these years) it's still bones, but i don't think it's what you were trying to avoid.

2. build the tube so that the face is at the anchor point. animate it going down the path. add the inertia plugin to your object in the deformation panel. (you may have to tweak it out, but you'll get immediate results.)