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03-25-2014, 03:30 PM
Hi all.
First time using forum.
Im a long time user of LW [Have 11.6].
[Not pro]. Just hobby. Love to mess about with special effects.
I appreciate that my question may of been asked many times but im going
to ask it again anyway but also make a suggestion to see what you think.
LW 12 is long over due and we all would like to know when it will be released.
Newtek will not say when of coarse.
Would any of you like to guess when you think LW12 will be released and which
event is likely to be used to announce the release eg.Siggraph 2014 or sooner else were!
Im shore a lot of you would like to see FLUID DYNAMICS and FIRE & SMOKE as part of there new feature set.
These are the 2 features i would love to be part of LW12.
I would like to suggest the following-----
Lets assume that LW are developing Fluid Dynamics and or Fire&smoke as
an intergral part of LW 12.
This may be why LW 12 will not be out anytime soon they want to get it right.
Would it not be better if Newtek made these 2 features as seperate
plugins that any software could use.
Like ChronoSculpt .
The release of LW12 would be sooner and we could all look foreward to the new plugins.
Now that ive got all that off my chest i look forward any comments you care to make.
Regards. Cove.

03-25-2014, 04:23 PM
First I would just ask why you think LW12 is overdue. Its not like they released LW11 and then we havent heard anything since. We got a significant free update with LW11.5 and then another one with LW11.6 and just a few days ago we got another free bugfix with LW 11.6.2. Ib wouldnt be surprised to see a 11.7 before the end of the year. But I dont think there will be any LW12 announcement at Siggraph this year.

And no, i dont think if theyre working on any volumetrics for LW12 that they should release them as seperate plugins. Its not a matter of not wanting to pay extra, its a matter of HV's are long overdue for an overhaul and I think it would be a bad move to start going modular like C4D.

03-25-2014, 04:42 PM
the longer lw12 takes the better in fact tbh lw11 has been a pretty good ride and plenty of updates "sometimes fixes are better than features"

my guess if LW12 comes out this year it would be in December or early 2015

03-25-2014, 11:51 PM
I agree with Hgiger. Modular as C4D is not a good solution. Lw with Chronosculpt and Nevromotion as integrated tools would be great. it doesn't mean those tools can't be sold separately to non-LW users.

I prefer to wait a few months, even years to get a nice update than the way Autodesk updates: Every year a version... or maybe called sub-version? a few plugins don't create an update

03-26-2014, 12:17 AM
I agree with the idea that modular wouldn't be a good path. It was OK for Nevron Motion, as you may consider that retargeting isn't something that everyone needs, but volumetrics like fire and smoke or fluids (and to a certain extent a sky tracer overhaul or replacement would be greatly appreciated) are absolutely necessary at some point for almost everyone, especially when Lightwave have, imho, a strong vfx orientation.

03-26-2014, 07:43 AM
Hi again.
Thanks for all your comments.
I stand corrected on all counts
LW11.5 to LW 11.6.2. Ib Have beeen great free updates.
Fluid Dynamics etc Best to be intergated.
Earliest release date January 2015 ?.
And that patience is more of virtue than i thought!
Just have to wait.

I think the real reason for the delay is the fact that Newtek are updating the manual
for LW 12 [ At last a new manual! YIPPEEEEE!!!].
What a task that must be.
They have been so busy writing code for the updates that they have had to relearn how
to write ordinary words.
The manual for LW 12 i imagine will be enormass [20 volumes] encyclopedia britannica/Lightwave 12.
As long as they don,t release the manual 1 volumn at a time followed by updates ill be happy!
Seriuosly though. even with out Fluids etc LW 12 will be well worth waiting for.
Regards. cove.

03-26-2014, 08:35 AM
Actually all these things like fluids, fire and smoke are cool, but I hope they are working on the more fundamental problems that exist in LW. I don't care if they change the workflow drastically. I hope they make it so that deformation tools feel fast smooth and intuitive. That there's an easy way to share data across different modules/plugins in the software. Currently modeler can't handle a lot of polygons and that's a shame. I'm not a coder but LW it feels like LW is standing on one leg and is about to collapse on the weight that's resting on it's shoulders. Newtek integrated a lot of new functionality in the last major updates but they feel all like abandoned projects. The implementation of Bullet, FiberFX, Fracturing and Flocking for example. Although the last one mentioned works pretty good it could be a lot better. It could be a total new particle system with fluids fire and smoke options. I don't see the value of splitting these things up in different modules. Wouldn't it ideal to have the flocking module use the bullet physics engine so we can have thinking particles that can interact super fast with other items in the scene.
Example: Imagine having a swarm of killer bees with hair on them fly true the air colliding with cloth items flying true a wall of concrete and finally crashing in a puddle of water. You wouldn't be able to do that in LW as it is now. I know there are always workarounds but that's not what I'm looking for. I know when I got this job I could get it done but not in a physically correct way, but I could.