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03-21-2014, 11:31 AM
Hello all. I posted this a few months back, and realized that I had priced it too high, so I dropped the price by more than half to an asking price of $4000 OBO.

I am selling a mobile production studio that I put together a couple of years ago to shoot and broadcast live corporate events. We had great success in doing so, and gradually found that there was a high demand for us in markets like college and high school graduations, media-age churches, and even weddings.

I'm reluctantly selling this system, and moving out of live production because I'm finding that it doesn't give me the evening/weekend flexibility that I'd like with my wife and two little guys, and a little girl on the way.

It is a really nice system that has been babied from the beginning, is totally self-contained and is literally a plug-and-play setup. I doubt you'll find anything more "ready to go" than this.

Instead of me having to post pictures and explain everything over and over again, I've created a blog page for it that gives all the specs and has many many pictures of it. Because it is such a niche device and market, I'm willing to offer 3% of the final sales price via paypal to anyone is able to put me in touch with a buyer. So, if this is not something you're interested in, but may know of someone who is, please forward this along. Because this isn't exactly a small item and because of shipping logistics, I'd like to stay in the South Texas market (San Antonio/Austin), but I will entertain any

Here's a sample image - many more pictures on the link below.

Here is a link to all the information on it: http://mobileproduction.blogspot.com/

Please contact me with any questions at: [email protected]


07-14-2014, 03:49 PM
Wanted to bump this thread and say that I will now sell it for $3500 OBO. Please let me know if interested.