View Full Version : Keyboard shortcuts on non US keyboard.

03-16-2014, 06:21 PM
The first point is probably not an issue if you using a US keyboard layout.

However if you are from Germany (like I am) and have a German keyboard layout then the a lot of the basic default keyboard shortcuts are kinda broken for you. For example:

Drop current selection is '/'. On a German keyboard the '/' sign is on SHIFT-7. Unfortunately SHIFT-7 also controls layer 7 in modeler. So if I want to drop the selection without affecting the layer I have to press the divide key on the numeric block. Well, that works - but its hardly a shortcut anymore as my left hand has to move from one side of the keyboard to the other and on a laptop you screwed as you have no numeric block. And yes, I now I can click the empty header of an viewport to drop the selection. But then I have to move the mouse. So both option are not really quick in my opinion.

Which brings me to the seconds point. LW is very customizable - so I thought I just choose a different shortcut. How about SHIFT-SPACE or CTRL-SPACE for "Drop selection". Its very easy to hit with just the left hand.

Unfortunately the shortcut key assign works quite differently then I expected. Instead of a assigning a key to a operation I have to choose a key from a list and assign the action. And guess what: SHIFT-SPACE and CTRL-SPACE is not in the list of possible keys.

Further, it seems that I can't change any shortcut regarding the layer control. So if I would like to start the layer control at key 4 and assign 1-3 to Point/Edge/Polygon Mode I'm also out of luck.

Considering that you can customize quite a lot in LW this makes me sad. To me it looks like the shortcut system was implemented ages ago and never ever touched since then.

Oh, and I talking modeller only here. Haven't check out layout yet regarding shortcuts.