View Full Version : Why is this scene rendering black?

Mr Rid
03-15-2014, 03:15 AM
I keep running into an odd thing in LW95, where black is showing up in renders from nowhere that I can figure. Am I missing something? Here is a simple scene 120800 with just some background colors selected, but it insists on rendering only a black BG (?). VPR shows the BG colors correctly. And if I switch to Classic Camera, the Render Status panel then renders the BG colors correctly, but the final image is still black.

I sometimes see a similar weirdness when I set a surface to Shadow Density. Heres an example render of a sphere casting a shadow on a flat card behind it, with one area light. Again, the VPR and the Render Status panel look correct, but the final render has this black border with a crunchy edge around the shadow and the sphere (?). 120801 Anyone else getting this?

In LW10.1, the crunchy shadow density problem disappears, but the "Black_why.lws" is still rendering black incorrectly, except the Classic Camera renders the BG colors correctly.

If I open a new Layout, and Load-From-Scene the objects, light and camera from the 'ball and card/shadow density' scene and hit F9, it crashes LW every time. And if I recreate a problem scene from scratch, the problem disappears for awhile, but at some point it starts up again. I dont know what is going on.

Mr Rid
03-15-2014, 03:52 AM
Ok, I just figured it out it happens when Unpremultiply Alpha is selected, under Render Globals. In LW10.1 or LW9.6, only the Classic camera renders correctly.