View Full Version : Instances and dynamics problem

03-15-2014, 02:19 AM
This is related to another thread about FiberFX but it's a new topic so I'm posting a new thread to make specific to this particular topic.

There's a scene in the LW 11 content called Grass_and_LW_Logo.lws. This scene has three patches of grass instanced along with the Lightwave logo sitting on the grass. Trying to see if a forcefield can affect the instances to simulate wind moving the grass, I assigned a deforming body to the grass (although to make it quicker I deleted two of the three grass layers). I also set the ground to a static body and set a null to forcefield. This gave me less than stellar results so I tried to simplify by removing the forcefield and just have the instanced grass set as a deforming body, setting shape retention to 50%, and I also tried 100%. At frame zero, everything looked fine. The next frame, the grass was gone completely.

So I loaded the original scene and just set the three grass patches to deforming. Now I get another weird result:


Is this because dynamics don't work with instances?