View Full Version : Looking for particles help

11-20-2003, 12:29 AM
I have a scene with a spot light with volumetrics applied shining onto an object, kinda like the spot light effect. Now I want to have particles eminating from the object. Like sparks or sparkles. I am reading thru chap 17 of the giant book to get an idea how to use particles, and it mentions I can have particles generate from surface normals....But it does not explain how to do this.

1. Does anyone know how to do this? Or can point me to a tut. That shows how to use an object to emit particles?

2. Also I am going to use partigons since you can texture them, but it does not tell how to do that either. I want them to appear as sparkles. Anyone know how to do this?

I appreciate any help, as I am trying to work through this solo, but I have hit a wall.


11-20-2003, 10:26 AM