View Full Version : Scenes into scene and offsetting in time & MD Reader

03-12-2014, 04:14 AM
I've broken down a scene into little parts and animated easy piece in it's own scene. Some items are deformed so I've scanned the motion to an MD file and use MD Reader for playback.

It's time to bring all the pieces together into a master scene now but I need to change the starting point and positions of the animations/deformations.

Does anyone have any workflow suggestions for this?

Currently, with a bit of fiddling, I can use the Dope Editor to bulk select and move keyframes about. Grouping everything to a null helps with positional stuff. The MD Reader needs to be manually set to Object Space for this to work, which is OK.

With MD Reader, is there a way that this could show in the Dope Editor without manually having to manually change the Frame Offset for each item?