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03-11-2014, 11:20 AM
Iron Sky is getting a new Blu Ray release.
It's a Steel Book version that Amazon says - 20 minutes longer*loaded with new visual effects*new music from Laibach and*of course*tons of new*politically incorrect humor*the DIRECTOR'S CUT of Iron Sky is an all-new take on the film*following the original vision of director Timo Vuorensola.

03-11-2014, 11:21 AM
Thanks for the info! I never got a chance to see it... So I'm thinking this is perfect!

03-14-2014, 07:49 AM
I wonder what has happend to the prequel?

Is it green Lit?

03-14-2014, 10:46 AM
Interesting to see that the Dictator's Cut on Blu-ray is cheaper than the DVD version on amazon.co.uk. That's the version I would go for if I was thinking of buying this new release, an extra four pounds to get it in a steel tin has no appeal. However, much as I would like to support an independent film the original was so awful I wont be spending any more money to pick up an extended version.

03-14-2014, 11:23 AM
I liked this movie. Finland is my second home, easy language, good people, lived there for 10 years. My friends are working at the
DVD/Bluray mastering company and they did the master and all and they received free copies so I got one from them when they
visited me at Budapest. Hell, we had great times. Boozingwise. Oh dear....