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03-09-2014, 02:28 PM

I couldn't find a particular place to put this question, so I try here.

Here goes:
I am trying to follow the IKBOT-rigging in part2 of Chazrikers excellent tutorials :thumbsup:. I manage to setup the relativity dr. follower on the spine ("body" bones in the vid). The desired effect is that all spinal bones rotates when a controller is manipulated. (The spine is beeing bent back or forth (like an angry cat))
PROBLEM: it only works on frame 0!! In the video content Chaz was so kind to supply, it works like a charm on every frame, and I have dissected the scenes and can't find any differences. :bangwall:

Any ideas?

Thanks / S

Ryan Roye
03-09-2014, 02:54 PM
If you have a sample scene to send, I'd be glad to look at it and see if we can't narrow down why this is happening ([email protected] or post here). I have a feeling it has to do with either a setting somewhere, or a subtle modifier that might not be obvious at first glance. Hard to say without looking at the scene based on the symptoms.

03-09-2014, 03:03 PM
Wow! That's a fast response:thumbsup:

Thank you for taking your time with this!

Here is the scene. No awardwinning character but I like to keep things simple while learning.



Ryan Roye
03-09-2014, 07:18 PM
I have a few notes here after having some time to look at the scene:

- First off, getting the initial issue out of the way: you usually do not want to directly click-drag the "Body" bone at all. Also, take a look at the info below:


- TURN OFF IKBIND. Your rig will feel extremely stiff if it is enabled. Go into the IKB options, uncheck it, and it will make a world of a difference. Sadly, IKBind is always checked by default... I really, really wish it were not as it is the root of many problems people run into.

- I recommend having your CoG bone set to ROTATE instead of MOVE. You want IKBooster to move your character object when you click-drag the CoG, not move the CoG itself.

- You do not want to use quaternion mode for items that do not need it. I noticed you enabled quaternion for the torso bones; this actually reduces the stability of the control in this case. Always be selective when applying quaternion mode to items. If it isn't needed, don't apply it.

- Quaternions and limits do not always mix well; I mention this because I noticed you set limits on the legs. You do not need to limit rotations or add extra bones to your character to get stable IK with IKB. If you are working with a character that demands machine-like precision (IE: nuts/bolts/joints that cannot twist/turn like with an organic character), that's when you want regular rotation mode + limits.

- I strongly recommend setting all tip controller bones to "Joint mode" (in bone properties -- > bone type). This eliminates the possibility of selecting the tip-end of the bone instead of the bone itself.

- Rest rotation (Shift+P) everything before testing your controls.

- The tip controllers on your characters feet need to be fixed as well to plant them solidly in place. Turn the tip controllers into joints before you do this.

Hope this helps! If you run into other snags or head-scratchers feel free to give me a holler :)

03-09-2014, 11:37 PM
Thanks! I Appreciate your effort! I will test this out when I get home from work. I just tried to remove the "#ex"-thing and then it worked. But the cascading didn't even thou I multiplied it as in your picture. But I'm in a hurry now so I got to go. I'll be back tonight (CET)
Thanks again!

03-11-2014, 12:14 PM
Hi again Chazriker!

I didn't say WICH tonight ;-)! (Real life came in between)

Anyway, I didn't get the formula with #ex to behave, so I had to go the last resort.... namely I RTFM :D! All of a sudden (after many boring but informative pages) I learned what the "#ex" was!! It's the object's NAME extension. The number in clone(1), clone(2) and so on. And THAT is the not so obvious difference between the tutorial scene and my own scene! I used bone_names like "spine_lower", "spine_middle" etc instead of bone(1), bone(2)..., which made references to their cloned NUMBER not useful.
This is probably what you told me in your image above, but I didn't realize that until now. First I thought #ex was some internal mystic variable that was hidden from the stupid user ;-).

Now, one could say rtfm before asking here in the forums, but even if that'd solved my problem (probably not) I would never have had those great tips from you! I'm really impressed with your helpfulness! Gives me hope for humanity. Many thanks!!