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03-03-2014, 11:15 AM
I know that TriCasters can see each other on a network and provide beautiful video sends to the other's network inputs.
However, I'd really like to have some dedicated network appliances that output a specific Tricaster's feed as audio and video signal- SDI, HDMI, CVBS +Audio, etc.

We operate several cable TV channels and are expanding some network services to handle high-bandwidth uses.
Several clients on the network have or will have TriCasters and I'd like to be able to retransmit them through our cable TV transmitters, without the need to hit "play" on a player.
With the potential to serve several clients at once, I don't have the budget(and it would be a waste) to dedicate a Tricaster for every streamed source.

The clients would also like to stream (lower bit-rate) to their CDNs from the TriCaster- at least the ones who don't have a dedicated live encoder.

We've played with some set-top boxes but either got stuck with the "play" problem or the need to login to a server that would be publishing the stream...(seems unnecessary)

We are trying to keep latency to a minimum and are really trying to stick with a point-to-point model.

This seems like a niche for Newtek or a third party to jump all over...

One other tool to consider- we are using automated playback server and the decoder cards have the ability to "Decode Transport streams up to 70 Mbps (80 Mbps through DVB/ASI input) " to do what I have been describing. Multiple cards in a single chassis- seems so close to a solution...

Thanks for any help.