View Full Version : Recognizing a IMU Motion sensor with the LW Device ( HID ) Manager

03-03-2014, 09:45 AM

I just bought the Tinkerforge IMU Brick ( It's a 9 DOF and consists of a 3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope ).

I've installed the Brick Daemon and the Brick Viewer on the computer, so the IMU works. But I was hoping that Lightwave would read the data through the HID manager, like it does with the move or any other USB device. But I think I was a bit to optimistic because it doesn't recognize the IMU Brick.

:lwicon: In the manual of Lightwave you can read the next thing:

"The generic version of a HID device is purely the HID manager version. The generic device is limited in functionality, usually just to button presses; elements like accelerometers need to be specifically programmed. If you need to choose between devices always choose the non-generic version that has been specifically programmed for LightWave. Going further, you can remove them from view with the HID Manager Settings window."

So, how does one program the connection with the accelerometer?
How can I get LW Device Manager in the Virtual Studio to recognize the Tinkerforge Brick?
And what do they mean by "a non-generic version"?

I'm not a programmer so this is all blurry to me.
I was hoping someone can point me to a direction on how to connect this 9 DOF brick to Lightwave.


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