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03-01-2014, 07:55 AM
Yesterday I downloaded this great car rig: http://lightwiki.com/component/jdownloads/viewdownload/5/176?Itemid=

I'm trying to use the rig for another car without success. Here are the steps I took:

1) I opened up the original rig provided in the download.
2) I loaded the car from the rig in Modeler.
3) The second car, a Corvette from DMI Cars, initially was 180 facing in the wrong direction compared to the Aston Martin, so I set the action center to origin and I rotated it 180.
4) I had already cut the wheels and pasted them each to a separate layer with the proper name.
5) With both vehicles open in Modeler, I set the pivots in the Corvette to match those of the A. Martin, with the obvious differences since the wheels and rear axle are not in the same places, but I made sure to set each pivot exactly where it would be set so the wheels spin correctly and the body pivot sits right at the center of the rear wheels.
6) Using the layers panel in Modeler, I made both cars visible to make sure that they match direction and rotation.
7) In Layout, I opened the scene editor to see the hierarchy of the Aston Martin and the rig.
8) I loaded the Corvette into Layout, and it matches the position and direction of the Aston Martin.
8) One by one, I matched the parts of the Corvette to the ones of the A. Martin in the rig structure. To make sure that I didn't miss anything I also opened the motion properties and went through each and every property to make sure everything matches perfectly. For example, the main body not only has a parent, but also a target, so I matched that as well.
9) Unfortunately, although I tried everything three times, I end up with this each and every time:


Once the car is inside the rig, rotating the heading doesn't do anything. Even if I take it out of the rig, rotate it 180 and bring it back, when parenting it jumps to the front of the A. Martin, but as soon as I set the target to Back_Suspension it jumps to the same position you see in the screenshot above.

Any idea what's going on? If you'd like to download the Corvette, it's the "Corvette C6 Tuned" in this page: http://www.dmi-3d.net/modelscar9.html

03-01-2014, 09:06 AM
Use replace with object layer to replace each part of the aston with the appropriate part of the corvette.

03-01-2014, 02:05 PM
Thanks, that worked! Another question if you don't mind, this rig has, in addition to the car geometry, other lwos that it uses for the look of the controllers, like back_suspension_control.lwo, master_control.lwo, etc. Since I plan to rig several cars, is it fine to have all the cars using the same control display files, or should I make a set for each car?