View Full Version : LiveText - Center Text Vertically?

02-28-2014, 11:46 AM
I'm trying to position a dynamic text element (e.g. a %Variable%), and I can't figure out a way to center it vertically, based on the number of lines.

Right now, when the variable changes, the new lines are always added on the bottom, keeping the top position the same. I need a way to keep the center locked.

For horizontal positioning, this is easy. There's a button on the left called "Font Justify" that sets the alignment to the left, center, or right. (There's also a 4th "set width" option, which if set, will cause a crash on save that blanks your project file. So uhh... don't click that one?)

But there's no corresponding vertical option.


Short Title


Current functionality:


Longer Title
Adds to bottom

Desired functionality:

Would like
Title centered

I would even be fine with a property (e.g. verticalAlignment) to set in the .cg file, but without knowing what it is called, there's no way for me to guess it.