View Full Version : Realistic Earth challenges/Atlantis space shuttle-Eden FX

02-24-2014, 10:01 AM
This article is covered in the Latest Lightwave3d group newsletter...

Huge earth textures, infinimap, and a special cloudshader...

"So we constructed a shader that would approximate the volumetric thickness of the clouds by using multiple texture layers with varying degrees of texture erosion. The shader even factored in the effects of backlight scattering in the lower cloud layers when passing over city lights. Our Earth model included an automatic daytime/night lights transition based on the sun direction, an atmosphere with physically based spectral colour transmission, and the rare Earth Glow - a phenomenon that happens on the outer most atmospheric layers over the darkest night side. Overall, we're quite proud of our Earth model!”

would like get my hands on such shader if availbable for lightwave:) it seems the newtek team made a special build for eden fx to deal with rendering issues, so maybe pay it back to them with some inclusion of the shader in Lightwave itself, if possible that is:)

Interesting reading of software develpers and a studio pushing tech limits in cooperation with each other.