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02-23-2014, 04:14 PM
Dear Friends:

I use lightwave 9.6
I can make nice textures with photoshop for character faces(in lw models).
I have seen g2 plugin from Worley, and I really like the feature to help
paint the human skin.However, since I already know how to texture a human
face, I do not think I need g2.
I am only interested in the skin painting feature of g2.
Would you recommend g2 (skin painting option) and/or what
suggestions about this plugin ?
Thank you, I am awaiting your answers.

02-23-2014, 11:52 PM
The G2 skin shader does what is called Sub Surface Scattering, a.k.a. SSS. This is where light enters a surface, bounces around a bit and then exits giving the surface a softer look as well as increasing the brightness in shadows area when backlit. When G2 came out it was one of the only ways to get that effect. LightWave 9 has a few different nodes that do that type of look, there may even be one specific to skin, but I can't remember.You will still want to paint a skin texture, I think, but the SSS adds realism and keeps your object from looking like painted opaque plastic.

You may also want to look up a 3rd party plugin called Chanlum. I haven't used it, but I think there is a shader version. I think it does SSS or at least fakes it somehow.