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Pearl TV
02-17-2014, 09:56 AM

we are using Tricaster 8000 as a live broadcasting system and are recording every show (each 15 - 60 minutes) for later playbacks. Now we recognized an audio-speedproblem in our recordings: after 10 s the audio sounds like "pitched" for a few frames. This does not occour in our livesound, it is just in the recorded files.

I uploaded a video, so you can listen to it:
(sorry, it's a german production. But you can recognize this problem after aprox. 10 seconds)

Here our technical setup:
-> two mics and a sound-playing notebook are connected to a mixer (analog); this mixer is connected to our tricaster (XLR 1a/1b).
-> we us 8 cameras - no sound is transmitted via SDI
-> we record our files in h.264 MP4 (Hi quality). No secondary Outputs are recorded.

Any ideas what causes the problem? Something about the A/D converters? I changed the audio-inputs to input 2a/b, but it didn't help.



02-19-2014, 12:50 AM
Hi Sebastian,

does this only happen once after 10s from start or does it happen every 10s during the whole record ?

In the video you uploaded it took me quite a while to hear something bad, but i think i found it only at second 10 of the video.
There you hear the background music pitch down for a moment. Is that all ?

I only ask, as from the video it might be very difficult to find out how the issue sounds.

best regards,

Pearl TV
02-24-2014, 11:12 AM
It happens just once after 10s.

Yes, it is just this little "pitching". Sometimes it is a heavier, but it is a big problem, when we are shooting a music-show. ;)

I try to find a better example. Maybe I can upload a single soundfile.

Best regards,