View Full Version : Hard FX Random Vertex Rotation?

02-16-2014, 12:34 PM
Is it possible to have a Hard FX cloud of single-pts polys (vertices) randomly rotate when touched by a collision plane used to start these 'particles' falling?

If so, how? And then, how do you get Instancer to align an object to these rotations? I would assume Align = Normals would do it, but since I'm not seeing any random orientations of the instances on the Hard FX point cloud (with the instanced object type set to point) that HFX is not generating rotations, SSPs don't have normals, or Instancer can't see such info in a point type mode object. No other object type places instances on the SSPs except Point.

02-16-2014, 04:35 PM
SPPs don't have normals, and thus can't have a rotation. You could use particles, and change their group from a gravity free group to a group with gravity on it to make them fall.

02-17-2014, 01:16 PM
Figured that was the case.

I tried particles and ran into issues in making them bounce on the rising surface of the filling volume AND stop on a dime without residual inertia drift due to the default air resistance value (which I wanted and kept)... well, I should say I was able to get them to stop in place by using the change group feature on a bounce plane to switch them to a group affected by an exact anti-gravity force). The bounce/bind value had to be precisely tweaked (trial and error) such that the upward bounce amount exactly countered the downward inertia drift from the previous gravity force. That value in my case was 85.5%, which meant the particles never bounced upward off the rising surface of the filling volume. Thinking further, I should've tried adding a second bounce plane a smidge above the first to get the particles to bounce as desired at the surface of the filling volume before falling back down to hit the group change plane and stop. Oh well, no time to switch. Using the random rotation min/max values on the instancer gives a good enough, though static, effect.