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02-13-2014, 08:02 AM
Hey all.

So, RHiggit 2 progresses well, and I just wanted to show off some of the whiz-bang features that have been added or expanded during the beta so far...


You can also see details of the rigging and animation toolboxes here...


As for where things currently stand...

We're into the home straight now... Im setting a time to completion of 2 weeks, during which Ill be tidying up a few last little areas, and pushing it through a last round of hard core tests to make sure everything's as solid as can be. Once that's done, and we reach final release, pre-release pricing will end, so these next couple weeks represent the last chance for folk who want to get in and save themselves a few quid along the way.

My thanks to the testers so far, who's input and suggestions have (aside from bug spotting) helped to make this the most versatile and flexible tool for rigging ever seen in LW (and that I think you're likely to see).


02-13-2014, 09:45 AM
Bravo Craig. Rhiggit 2 is really coming along. And that last bit about custom rigging potential...great stuff.

02-13-2014, 11:25 AM
Cool!! Spaces. Controlled segments. Rig creation setups. Thanks for this and all the rest. So much wonder and too much to swallow in one setting. :)

Autorig setups?! WHAT!? wow

02-15-2014, 09:03 AM
And that last bit about custom rigging potential...great stuff.

Yeah... I think that being able to convert your custom rigged parts (or even entire rigs) to re-usable, auto riggable parts would be particularly cool. 2 reasons its largely experiemental are these... First, there's getting it to work from a technical LW point of view, so that its dependable. No doubt I can get round any such things, its just a matter of making sure its not too clunky, or easy to break. Secondly... and to my mind the bigger hurdle... is putting together a workflow for it to make it as hassle free for folk as possible.

Ofc, on the one hand there's the fact that such would be a feature aimed more at folk who are into doing their own 'from scratch' rigging, so having it perhaps being a bit more involved and convoluted may not be such a big downside, but at the same time, Id want to try and make it as intuitive and efficient as possible.

As such, if anyone's got any ideas about how they might forsee such a workflow... how they would imagine the interface working... Id very much like to hear such input. As i said, it's not something that's going to become an integrated feature in any immediate time sense, so batting some concepts or desires back n forth would be very helpful to crystallise some ideas, or possibly fire off some fresh inspiration for such a feature.


02-17-2014, 10:23 PM
Very Nice! I know this allows to custom build rigs, but I didn't mind the "fit rig" preset style of the first RHiggit. Is it possible to save the rig or load in preset rigs?(maybe the one from RHiggitV1?) I would love to have a rig that works great with Unity or even Max? From your video it looks like I would use the joint/deformed rig and then bake it down before export. Is it possible to have a one button hit for correcting the baked rig (Euler/reduce)? Or maybe some toggle buttons like you have for other parts of the animation toolbar?

Can the rigs can work with the kinect just using NevronMotion to remap them? Really impressive stuff!

Don't remember from the first video if you can got to "edit" mode and the animation still works? Was that possible?

02-18-2014, 07:04 AM
Hey RH, it looks great ! Just wondering how all that looks like in the schematic view. I bet you can't maintain a clean view because of the flexibility of your system. Since I use it a lot for item selection, I think it will be a little messy, no ?

02-18-2014, 09:34 PM
Looking very good ... keep up the good work! :D

02-19-2014, 12:53 PM
Every rig you build is essentially a preset/template... just save the scene, it can be refitted any time to any other character, and yep... piece of cake to unity or max, or anything else. bake down the deformation skeleton, apply fixes (if needed) export. As for nevron, no idea... If the kinect VS device lets you hook the kinect skeleton output to control any item motion, then i cant see any reason you couldnt hook it to a RHiggit rig. As for retargeting... no, because nevron uses its own custom rig specifically for that... However RHiggit will have its own retargeter allowing you to remap any mocap file to any RHiggit rig you make.

As for schematic... yep, by default, it'll be a mess as items are created as needed, thus not "pre-ordered". I do intend to have a go at an auto schematic layout tool for it though, once I get through with the initial main release.