View Full Version : URGENT: LW very slow loading and saving files when using Dynamics !!!

02-12-2014, 06:13 AM
I've noticed that LW is very slow in saving and loading scene files when using Bullet dynamics, even on a fast computer and fast HDD.

I assume it reads and writes the "Dynamics Cache file". At first I thought to just disable the Bullet Dynamics or to disable the induvidual dynamic part in Bullet engine but that doesn't work, LW is still very slow in saving and loading.
I've noticed that when I delete the induvidual dynamic part in Bullet, LW loads and saves at normal speed again.

- So when using Bullet, LW is caching something but is there a way to disable this?
( I know I have to re-symulate agian after loading / I prefer to save the Bullet dynamic motion into a MDD file )

- Is there any way to speed up the loading and saving without deleting all the induvidual dynamic items in Bullet?

Any suggestion cause I'm waisting time saving backup scenes :-(

Please LW, make Bullet dynamics Multi Core. Symulating is very slow using only one core. And a bit frustrating when you have several other cores available :-(

02-12-2014, 07:54 AM
I found some sort of a solution to speed up the saving proces and to bypass LW from saving a big Cache file everytime I do an incremental save.

In the Bullet Dynamics panel I set the Object => Item => Type from Parts to Static. After saving the file I just put the Object => Item => Type back to Parts.

Somehow I was hoping that disabling the "Enable Dynamics" in Bullet would prevent LW from Caching, but it doesn't...