View Full Version : 3Play 4800 - changing audio input on one channel changes all channels

01-25-2014, 02:57 AM
Here's the scenario:

3Play 4800 - original software as shipped.

Session set up as 8 Channel 1080 50i

Audio inputs for all channels were set to Analog In (main program audio being fed into 3Play via XLR Analog inputs) - Ch7 set to TC input. All working fine.

We decided to put out a couple of crowd fx mics and feed plug them in to the cameras so the audio could be recorded via SDI embedded.

So, we changed the audio source for ch 2 to SDI embedded - this resulted in all channels changing to SDI embedded. This was seen in both the audio metering on the Channel inputs and when opening up the properties for the Channels that should have still been on Analog In.

Changing Ch 2 back to Analog In changed everything back to Analog In.

Later this could be recreated when opening that particular session.

Starting a new session resulted in everything working as expected - i.e. changing individual channels had no effect on other channels.

Very strange and somewhat frustrating at the time.

Any thoughts?