View Full Version : 3Play 4800 - Recording vision without embedded sdi audio present

01-25-2014, 02:40 AM

Is this normal/expected behavior for the 3Play 4800 (latest software):

All 8 channels are being fed with the output from the VX with no embedded audio present. All channels have SDI Embedded selected as their audio source (with the exception of CH7 which has timecode input).

The 3Play shows the incoming vision for all channels.

When recording, the 3Play will only record the vision on Ch7 - all the other inputs record as black (there is a clip of the correct duration for all other channels, but it just plays back as black).

The solution to this is to change the audio settings to Analog In - then the vision is recorded even if there is no audio.

But surely the 3Play should record vision if it is present, even if there is no embedded audio and SDI embedded is selected?

There may be vision only sources that you want to record and its easy to overlook the audio settings for those sources - and you don't find out that nothing has been recorded until you replay that channel.

Had us puzzled for a little while until we figured out the audio connection.

Is this the way its intended to be?



02-04-2014, 11:36 AM
Sounds like this issue should be fixed soon. Response from CS/Engineering:

"Both 3Play and TriCaster work like that (its never really seen in TriCaster because TriCaster defaults audio to analog, where 3Play defaults to SDI Embedded). We are making a new 3Play 4800 build (as well as TriCaster builds) that will no longer have this issue where SDI video inputs will not record when audio is set to Embedded and there is no embedded signals. The changes will be in the next 4800 update that goes out, we should be testing a beta build with those changes here shortly."

VideoEng QA
03-03-2014, 02:33 PM
We have a new Beta build of 3Play 4800 with fixes made to recording where if you have SDI video with SDI-Embedded audio selected with no embedded signal, 3Play will properly record the input. If anyone is interested in getting this beta please email us here ([email protected]) mentioning this thread and that you are interested in testing the latest 3Play 4800 beta.

Thank you,