View Full Version : Windows 8.1 and going forward: program file descriptions!

01-24-2014, 11:17 AM
Every executable by Newtek has the same description for the same type of program.
So, while it seems to make sense to describe Layout.exe as "Layout.exe", the better option would be e.g.: "Layout 11.6.1"
One reason is that in modern Windows 8 if you search for a program to run or place it on the Start screen, it will use that description (without the .exe if applicable).

Suppose I want to run my Modo 601 and not 701 for some reason. Opening up the Start screen and typing Modo..... will give me a range of options, like "Modo 701_sp1 64bit". Good info! So I chose "Modo 601 64bit" and got what I wanted, yay.

Now, trying this for say LW 11.5 when 11.6.1, 9.6 and 11.5 are installed gives the very informative options when searching for "Layout...":


no way to see which is which.
Of all applications I got, only LW has this issue.