View Full Version : Creating Fire/Smoke in v9.6

01-23-2014, 08:51 PM
I know that you would have to use Particles and activate Hypervoxels to use them. I've tried with volume, sprite and surface, but really after trying on my own, I haven't had much luck. Most tutorials I try find are pay-to-view and can't afford at the time. I would like some helpful advice and if possible some tutorials text or video.

Thank you.

01-24-2014, 02:30 AM
Mr rid (David Ridlen) xurgonic on youtube has made quite a lot of great looking hv fire and smoke, a lot of post processing too to make it look smoother and more fluid as well, I would suggest to look through all of
his videos or the fire videos, and check all descriptions and also comments where he might give away some hints and guides, but you should also search these forums and do a search on his name or go to his profile
and select all his threads ..and maybe sort them with the "fire" string.
He gives away some tips in those threads too.
He doesnīt have a video tutorial on it...and there are hardly any on the net either actually.
hereīs the link to his youtube channel...

hereīs another one a free scene located in the description...

peter balaz has done some cool hot stuff too...

though the turbulenceFD fluid plugin is probably the best choice if you want to compete nowadays with more realism in fire..I do not know how well it performs on 9.6... if it does at all.
Everything comes at a cost, either paying for the best fluid solution, or paying for good tutorials..or you pay in time and swet by learning yourself.

hereīs some old fluid samples with turbulence I did long time ago...

Some old particle tests...two emitters, hypervoxels sprite mode...

cig smoke...hv tiny sprites...

I think I got some free scenes too on the forums...I need to keep better track of those, have to check own content too.

and donīt fool yourself if you think itīs gonna be easy to do realistic fire and smoke with hypervoxels in a blink, it will most likely take a long time..even though you follow tutorials, in
the end you must know how the voxels work with all their settings and thereīs no shortcut to that really.
For 9.6...viper is essential for tweaking hypervoxels, and making the animated previews.