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01-20-2014, 02:50 PM
Please don't turn this into a flame and bash apple or microsoft thread! I am mostly an Apple guy and getting ready to possibly buy a new iPad but wanted to see if anybody has run LightWave on a Surface? Is it possible? How does is the performance?

01-20-2014, 04:51 PM
Is Surface actually Windoze8? Or something analogous to , uhhhhhh, IOS?

01-20-2014, 04:57 PM
I have a Surface Pro and lightwave runs perfectly on it. Like any other app.

01-20-2014, 05:06 PM
Is Surface actually Windoze8? Or something analogous to , uhhhhhh, IOS?

There are 2 different Surfaces, the Surface 2 and the Surface 2 Pro. The Surface 2 runs Windows 8 RT which is analogous to iOS and cannot run desktop Windows applications like Lightwave. The Surface 2 Pro runs Windows 8 Pro, the desktop variant that can run all Windows applications including Lightwave.

01-20-2014, 07:01 PM
Thanks guys! I didm't realize there were two versions of operating systems for the Surface. So Surface Pro is the way to go if you want to run Windows8 apps. Glad I asked.

01-20-2014, 08:12 PM
yep. like meety said you have too versions. The surface rt only runs store apps, that's the equivalent to the iPad, and the surface pro that runs the full windows 8. With this one you can run any windows app, like lightwave. Windows 8 had some problems because of the graphic drivers that came with it, but everything was fixed with 8.1
Surface pro also has a 'Wacom' stylus while the rt has no stylus. And this stylus works just fine with photoshop. The only issue I have with the surface is the high resolution...I know this may sound stupid but the res is really high for the size of the display and because apps aren't very touch/tablet pc friendly lots of them get really small icons...

01-20-2014, 08:43 PM
Yes the only way to go actually :)

Remember besides running it on the Surface you can connect your Surface Pro to a monitor, attach a USB keyboard, mouse and run it like a desktop. Its a nice convenience to not only work in the field, but on the go as well if you have access equipment outside your own studio.

01-21-2014, 01:44 PM
Thanks all, for the good info. Gotta a decision to make. You all running the Surface Pro what spec's do you run? How much memory, etc?

01-21-2014, 05:08 PM
I have the 128gb version plus a 64gb card. The CPU is an I5 at 1.7GHz with 4Gbs ram with a Intel HD 4000 graphics card