View Full Version : London-based freelancers needed!

11-18-2003, 06:27 AM
Lashed-Up Productions is expanding!

Over the last few years I've been working with a number of clients and have finally reached the enviable position of having more prospective work than I can do by myself :)

I'm looking for one or two talented LightWave freelancers to help out on a number of upcoming projects - modelling and texturing skills in particular are desired but I'm interested in good all-rounders too.

I'd prefer working with people in the London area (makes things a lot easier) but if you're talented, work well under tight deadlines and know LightWave inside and out then I'm interested!

Showreels (VHS or DVD) can be mailed to:

Andrew Morgan
Lashed-Up Productions
12a Dartmouth Park Hill
NW5 1HL.

or you can contact me via email using the link below - please include a CV and let me know what your rates are in your email.

P.S. Don't bother checking out my website just yet - it's a work-in-progress for a client (nice resturant though, you might want to try it if you're ever in Camden...).