View Full Version : Genoma problem 11.6 - switching bones off and on breaks rig

01-15-2014, 05:40 PM
I've applied a Genoma biped rig to a character and initially it works great. Inevitably there's some unwanted deformation. However switching off the bones in order to add hold bones seems to break the rig (I tend to avoid weight maps and use hold bones if possible).

I switch bones off at '0' then add hold bones to correct deformation in the torso (parenting them to an upper bone in the spine).

Final step is to select all bones in the biped object and rest them pressing 'r'.

Problem: Switching bones off then on in this way breaks the rig. For example the feet are no longer connected to their target movers. Am I missing a vital step of some kind, failing to flick a switch to preserve links between mover objects and bones?

Any help greatfully received ! :)

01-16-2014, 01:23 PM
Fixed... Some info for newbies or people like me getting rusty.

Switching off bones for editing switches IK off but IK isn't reactivated when bones are selected and then rested. Can't believe I missed this.

Must say the basic Genoma biped rig is brilliant. With a few hold bones added in the head, torso and waist area also no need for weight maps.