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01-13-2014, 09:04 AM
I see in the color space preferences I can load a custom table. I would like to set my sRGB gamma to about 1.6 (something different than the default 2.2 (I'm guessing). Does anyone know where these standard files are saved and what a custom table/file with a gamma of something different would look like?

Not sure if this is how straight forward these tables are but thought someone here might know...thanks!

05-17-2014, 10:05 PM
Probably too late but LW reads Academy/ASC 3D LUT format and its own LW color table format which you can find in LW docs (WebHelp) in the color_space_tab.htm document. Creating them is possible but very laborious if you do it by hand.

Last LW version is able to load some .3dl and .cube formats as well. Say "some" because not all 3dl/cube formats from and for every application are the same. Some are recognized properly, some others not even load. This is not a LW issue but a situation generated by LUT formats ambiguously/incompletely standardized or different specs with the same file extension.

Lut generators for color space conversions that belong to a specific CMS are expensive, but LUT generators for "looks" or display are commonly cheap or free (as plugins) or already included in compositing packages. You can use any of them for gamma adjustments and try them later within LW.

Other way is by editing the gamma of an ICC profile, or save the gamma correction as a new ICC profile and load that with SG_CCTools.

If your monitor is in sRGB range, another way is probably by just applying a 1.6 gamma correction with FPGamma.