View Full Version : new commercial peer to peer network library

01-13-2014, 06:05 AM
I am following the discussions about LW and other products here for a long time now. Normally I do this because I am a hobby user of LW. From time to time there are threads about the technical background of our 3D technology; and sometimes it is about platform independent peer to peer inter process communication.

Ok I admit, I like to advertise our new TML / SIDEX network communication library.
I know, it is not directly related to LW. But when we started the development of the library, I told my colleagues about the concept of network rendering and the problems related to it regarding communication and data exchange. The devs had the opinion that this type of requirement is exactly one of those TML / SIDEX could help to solve (instead of programming the whole communication part from scratch, one can make life easier by using the lib).

Maybe a development oriented mind likes to have look ;-)