View Full Version : Buffer export for bumps/WPP/UVW pass needed

01-07-2014, 09:11 AM
Hi Lightwavers,

I'm setting up an pipeline system for all my render passes/buffers for all future projects. I managed to create most of them but there are some for witch I need some help. Please only setups with node pixel filter setup or compositing buffer.

These are the ones I'm missing:

1. World Position Pass eyespace based (I have the local one (with DP filter) - but I need the camera based) I need the one where the alpha is black in the exported pass... maybe I'm just overlooking something... or just stupid...

2. In District 9 tutorial I saw to use of an UVW position pass, witch gives the compositor the ability to make custom buffers/lighting/shading on animated characters. Does anybody now which render pass you need for the compositors?

3. Finally I'm looking for a setup to export all bumps and normals together to 1 normal export. (so you can relight with the bumps also)