View Full Version : sweeping a bezier in lightwave (like you do in formz)

11-17-2003, 01:26 PM

I'm new to lightwave (i've previously used formZ).

I'd like to know if you can sweep a 2D shape, such as a circle or square, along a bezier path.

Can anyone help me with this.



11-17-2003, 02:04 PM
As an ex-Form-Z user myself I can understand your frustration!

It does work like it does in Form-Z in terms of the sweeping process, except it's a) more fiddly to setup b) you have less options at your disposal.

The biggest pain is that you have to place the source shape right on the end of the sweep path, this as you can imagine is near impossible to do freehand unless your sweep path is horizontal/vertical and straight!

Fortunately for us Carl Merritt - diamond geezer! has come to our rescue and written a script that places the source shape right on the end and perpendicular to the sweep direction too.

You can download it here: (Script is called Align to Rail)


You'd do well to check out his other scripts too, immensly useful:


A lot of these scripts should be built into LightWave, especially the Align to Rail functionality.


11-17-2003, 02:36 PM

Do you know how do to import the scripts?

11-18-2003, 03:43 AM
You need to add them as plugins.

Plugins can be .p files (proper software development kit coded plugins) or .ls / .lsc files (lscript / lscript compiled scripts)

For Modeler plugins, .p files need to be put into your: 'C:\LightWave\Plugins\model' folder

.ls / .lsc files need to be placed in your: 'C:\LightWave\Lscripts\model' folder

1) In Modeler, go to the popup menu called 'Modeler' and pull down on 'Plug-ins' then 'Edit Plug-ins...'

You could select the 'Add Plug-ins...' option, but if you've added more that one plug-in, read on . . .

2) A window will load, click the button called 'Scan Directory'

3) Locate either or both of the two directories above (depending on which type of plugins you've added

4) Once scanned you can close the 'Edit Plug-ins' window

Now the question is, where are they! :)

By default (in Modeler anyway) they are placed in a list that can be found under the 'Construct' tab, and then under the popup menu 'Additional'. Remember the names of any plugins you add because that's what they are called under this menu.

Best thing to do it create a button for them using the menu editor. This can be found under the 'Modeler' menu again, but this time under 'Interface' and then 'Edit Menu Layout...'.

This brings up the interface editor. The list on the left stores the commands available to LightWave, the list on the right are the menus you see in the interface.

In Modeler, plugins are stored (in the left list) under 'Additional'. Simply fold that down and find the plugin you want, then drag it to the menu list where you want it to appear.

You can create a new 'Plug-ins' tab by clicking the 'New Group' button, the group needs to be at the top level of the list, otherwise it will start creating popup menu groups, or secondary menus in popup menus depending how deep you go into the list 'tree'.

Hope that makes sense!