View Full Version : Presets & Viper in 11.6

12-19-2013, 10:10 PM
Strange things are happening. I was having trouble saving a Preset, then saw here someplace that Preferences/Paths/Preset had first to be set to a folder. I did that, then my Displacement Preset saved.

The surface is on a larger than 500m flat subpatched box with plenty of polys. No y, only x and z. There's a large hill in the middle of it. The Display and Render subpatch levels are set to 20, and the subD order set to After Displacement. There's a Null referenced by the surface to enable moving it around. I'm using this as a test surface. I made a much smaller, 50m flat subpatched box, copied the settings, and hovered it over the larger one so as not to have to move the camera. Both objects are visible in Camera View. Strangely, when the Preset was saved, the image saved in the Surface Preset window showed both flat box objects.

Even after setting the Prefs I couldn't get the Preset to be applied to the smaller box. Since the Displacement Map was linked to a Reference Object Null, I thought that maybe just arbitrarily loading in a random image to the default Texture Editor Image Map, and linking it to the same Null would help. It did. The Preset surface was applied to the smaller box after doing this. (BTW I'm using the 'T' button for Displacement, not Nodes)

Viper worked that one time when I saved my Preset, but then this happened: I opened Viper again, and did an F9 render. After the render was complete, hitting 'Continue' turned off 'Enable Viper' in Render Globals/General! I watched as the check-mark disappeared. After trying everything I could think of a number of times, I Quit everything and rebooted. Now Viper doesn't render at all, and so of course won't save another Preset. Last time I got it to work after changing Viper window sizes. Now Draft, Normal, size changes, nada.

Are others having trouble with surface Presets?

LW 11.6; 8-core Mac Pro (2010); OS 10.6.8