View Full Version : Announcing SportsCaster Pro: All-in-one sports production for 15 sports

12-19-2013, 01:36 PM
A decade ago youngmonkey broke new ground in sports broadcasting with the introduction of one-click sports scoring. A short while later we followed up with the introduction of one-click instant replay. Using those products and others we offer, our customers revolutionized their productions and took their sports broadcasting to whole new levels of simplicity and quality.

Our technologies are in use every day at leading sports broadcasters and organizations, such as FOX, ABC, NBC, ESPN, NBA, NHL, and more. So, you've probably already seen our products in action without even realizing it.

In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Score Keeper we're about to do something amazing again...

Coming soon... SportsCaster Pro: All-in-one sports production for 15 sports

Soon you'll be doing it too... with unheard of simplicity and at an outstanding price!

- Intelligent Sports Scorebar Generator
- Multi-Camera Slow-Motion Replay
- Extensive macro control
- And more...

For more information:


And check out a video of SportsCaster Pro in action on our Video page.

NOTE: Pre-release purchases can be made for those too excited to wait for the official release. Bundles with or without a TriCaster are available. Inquire via our website for details.