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12-19-2013, 10:39 AM
Just a few year-end announcements

TLC-8D to TLC-8S updates are available for $275. This is a factory hardware update that gets you the new features (preview tally support, assignable outputs, USB control and GPI outputs) of the TLC-8S controller.

TLC-6 to TLC-6S updates are available for $50. Again a factory upgrade that makes your old TLC-6 controller compatible with the HD TriCasters*. New Software is also included so that after the upgrade the TLC-6 will still work with your old TriCaster or VT.

TLC-8s and 4s are are now supported by Livestream Studio v1.3 so if you have both a TriCaster and a Livestream you can use your TLC on either one.

Give Digital Arts a call directly to arrange either of the updates. 1-800-692-6442

metaSETZ tally products are available from fine NewTek dealers (http://www.metasetz.com/find-a-dealer-2/) world wide.

* TC40 2.0, 410. 455, 460, 855, 860, 8000