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12-13-2013, 05:45 PM
I am new to TriCaster and looking for some input and advice. We recently purchased an TC 855/860 with stand-alone LiveText to replace an aging switcher/graphics system used to televise city council and commission meetings. I am mostly concerned with handling a large number of title graphics. We have well over a hundred lower third graphics for our council meetings and I'm trying to figure out a good operational workflow.

Our meetings are covered by one person (PTZ cameras, switching, graphics and audio), so simplicity and ease of use are important. For preparation, we need to be able to copy and paste text from MS Word documents into lower thirds. We have been advised not to install any third party software on the TriCaster, so this rules out daily updating in the built-in Live Text software.

During live operation we keep a lower third up throughout the meeting and cut between a simple meeting title/date and agenda items and participant names as needed. We also have the meeting date visible in one corner of all lower thirds. In our current (old) system we used two DSK layers, date on one and everything else on the other. I am interested in simplifying to a single layer of graphics by using the dynamic date function in stand-alone Live Text to generate the correct date and have it built into every lower third.

Here are my concerns/questions:

Operating graphics live from the stand-along Live Text seems like a headache. Itís great that you can click a page thumbnail to preview or edit a title before clicking the red ďliveĒ button to send it to the switcher, but unless Iím missing something, there are no visible filenames associated with the page thumbnails. If you canít read the lower third text in the thumbnails (we canít) then how do you find the one you need? And scrolling through a hundred illegible thumbnails is not acceptable. There has to be a quicker, more efficient way to do this.

Calling up titles directly in the TriCasterís graphics player is only a little less awkward. Title names under the icons in the graphics player are an improvement, but the icon view still forces us to do a lot of scrolling. The other drawback to graphics directly on the TC is that once a DSK is live on program, a single click on another title in the same graphics player will instantly change what is live. This a little too instant and prone to oopsíes, especially with all that scrolling. I also thought I could organize our multitude of titles into playlists, but switching playlists instantly changes the title that is live with no way to know what title is selected in the new playlist.

What Iíd love is a way to call up titles by numeric input and preview them before going live. I would be greatfull for any advice or suggestions on these concerns.


12-16-2013, 08:25 AM
If you have a somewhat predictable workflow then maybe a solution like EZNews or Rundown Creator would work for you to automate the title playback.



Another option would be to use a Text File input method like frequently we do into LiveText. You could use Excel to output a txt or xml file to monitor also. Excel with some custom macros might be the cheapest solution but definitely is going to take a good amount of development time.