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12-10-2013, 12:27 PM
I can not for the life of me get these bones to stay in normal axis when applied to a spline

Followed this video numerous times and have even moved to creating the bones as Skelegons and then converting to Bones in Layout ( I like this better)

In the attached screen shot you can see that as soon as the Bones are linked to a Spline Control they go nuts.
I've tried resting their position and rotation prior with no beneficial results.

Files attached if anyone wants to see
(Basically it is a simple ribbon that will deform like falling in the breeze when complete Susan Koman anti cancer project)

12-10-2013, 01:00 PM
Its because your spline control nulls arent aligned correctly... rotate them all 90 on heading and its fine. As a rule you should make spline control unll sets down the Z rather than X.

12-10-2013, 09:18 PM
Thanks RebelHill that helped a lot!!!

- - - Updated - - -

Thanks RebelHill that helped a lot!!!