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Ben Freedman
12-07-2013, 12:05 PM

So, imagine the scenario where you have to 460s or 410s, or any 4-channel tricaster, and it works well for 99% of what you need to do (switch in 2 different locales with no more than 4 channels)..

But, every now and then, you need a 2 or 3 more channels of High quality HDSDI input...

No trouble right? Hook the 2 together... Output of 1 TC into the input of another, and boom, 7-channel Tricaster...

This works great, of course, but the ONE THING that would be awesome is if there was a way to select the 2nd TC's input with the first TC's keyboard...

For example... Pressing 1 would switch to the main TC's #1 inputer... 2 switches to 2, 3 switches to 3....

.... but when you hit 4, it makes the 2nd TC select cam 1, and then switches to input 4 on the main TC... When you hit 5, it selects cam 2 on the 2nd TV, and switches to input 4 on the main TV... Hit 6, and you get input 3 on the 2nd TV, and input 4 on the main, and finally, press 7 to get input 4 on the 2nd TC, and 4 on the main...

This would, essentially, get you a 7-input switcher that you could control with 1 mouse/keyboard.

Can this be done somehow? Maybe with Macros?




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12-07-2013, 03:12 PM
The Master Control from Youngmonkey would be the easiest way to do this right away. With a considerable amount of work and an OSC compatible midi controller with a few macros on each TC, I am sure you could do it to a point. At some point just renting a XD860 makes more sense. The type of events you are doing would be the larger deciding factor.

12-07-2013, 03:38 PM
Perhaps with with macros and an iPad/TouchOSC combination it could be done. If you send MIDI commands to both TriCaster's and just have each react to the commands it needs to, then it could all be controlled from a single interface.

Do not take the above as it DOES work. I've never tried it, so perhaps there is something that I'm missing, but I think it could work.

12-08-2013, 08:33 PM
Also keep in mind that putting two TriCasters in line with each other will make some cameras more delayed than then others. The ones passing through two TriCasters could be delayed as much as 6-8 frames from in to out, and will be 3-4 frames behind the direct inputs to the second TriCaster. If you've got talking heads, you could start to see some lipsync issues in this configuration. An upstream router (also control-able by Dhomas' MasterControl product) might be a more economical and delay-friendly option, if your sources are genlocked or you don't need to direct switch to all sources at all times. Not that having two TriCasters isn't handy...